Host a PACT Fundraiser

The sky is the limit when using your imagination to come up with a fundraising event in support of PACT. Benefit events can take many forms from golf tournaments and film festivals to fashion shows and Russian themed martini/manicure parties. We are open to exploring any ideas you may have no matter how off the wall.  There are a few things to consider when planning a fundraising event:

  • What type of event will it be? Do you have a theme?
  • How much time do you have to commit to the event?
  • Do you have a goal?
  • What kind of promotion will you need?
  • How can you attract sponsors and what can they donate for door prizes etc?
  • Who will you invite and what networks and tools (social media etc.) can you leverage to get the word out about the event?

We have had some pretty unique fundraisers held on our behalf; here are some ideas to get you brain storming:

  • A-Thons; Walk, Read, Dance, Skip, Clean, Bowl
  • Sales; Garage, BBQ, Bake, Craft, Car Wash
  • Tournaments; Golf, Football, Baseball, Soccer, Tennis
  • Events powered by PACTCooking menus, PACTFashion shows, and PACTFilm festivals!!

How PACT Can Help

  • PACT youth and staff may be able to support your event with content, entertainment and food provided through our PACTFashion, PACTRocks, PACTFilm and PACTCooking lifeskills projects.
  • Advice and expertise
  • Ideas to assist with planning
  • Provide promotional support (for example: posters, event listing on our website)
  • Letters of support to validate the authenticity of the event
  • Provide information on tax receipting

How PACT Cannot Help

  • Reimbursement for event expenses
  • Donor information
  • Guarantee attendance of PACT staff or volunteers at your event
  • Application for gaming licenses
  • Finding sponsors for your event
  • Prizes, auction items, awards

Thank you for your interest in planning an event to benefit PACT!

To discuss your proposed fundraising event please contact PACT Co-Founder David Lockett at 416 256-0726 and submit your proposal to .

Please note that use of the PACT logo without written consent is prohibited.