PACT Operating Team

David Lockett, Co-Founder and President

David LockettDavid Lockett is a Toronto businessman, social entrepreneur, community volunteer and visionary, as well as a Rotary Paul Harris Fellow.

Between his volunteer work with the Redwood Shelter and the PACT Program over the past 25 years, David has helped over 15,000 people through his vision, passion, leadership and unconditional kindness.

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In 1987, David Lockett and his friend Dan Cornacchia became charter members of the Rotary Club of Parkdale with a vision to build a shelter for domestic violence. In 1993, with the help of Rotary, The Redwood Shelter opened its doors to help victims of family violence. Redwood provides the counseling and support necessary for those struggling with abusive relationships, including free and confidential sessions in 20 different languages, to foster independence and build self-esteem.

Individual Awards

  • PACT Co-founder David Lockett was nominated and featured as a Globe and Mail: Transformational Canadian for his work with PACT.
  • City of Toronto, Ward 16, Volunteer of the Year award (2007)
  • Special recognition award from Mayor Miller and City Council re. Transformational Canadian (2010)

Please feel free to contact David at 416-256-0726 or

Ben Marshall, Director of Program Development

Ben MarshallAs Director of Program Development for PACT, Ben Marshall works to make PACT the best organization it can be in all areas and through continuous improvement.

This includes: overall program design, development, implementation, logistics, documentation, administration and expansion, as well as, fundraising, marketing, website management, best practices policies and procedures implementation and monitoring, community, judicial and school relations, as well as developing and managing strategic partnerships.

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Ben started out as a volunteer Restorative Justice Facilitator in 2003 and soon after joined the organization full time as Program Manager helping to establish PACT in the Metro West Court that same year, and the 311 Jarvis Court in early 2004. Ben then went on to expand the PACT Program into the school system including providing Restorative Justice training workshops for the TCDSB’s Safe Schools Department.

In the role of Program Manager, Ben worked closely with youth in conflict with the law and those in the school system, as well as their victims, families, members of the local community, and the wider social services sector. More recently as Director of Program Development, Ben continues to liaise directly with members of the judicial and school systems, and youth focused community organizations, in the coordination, promotion and delivery of PACT’s various programs and especially PACT’s seven LifeSkills Community Service Projects.

Ben has strong educational credentials: he graduated from the University of Toronto in 1994 with an honours degree in criminology and history and has held volunteer positions as a Probation officer and as a “Special Friend and Literacy Tutor” with the Children’s Aid Society. Ben has also recently been certified as a Facilitator by the International Institute of Restorative Practices (IIRP).

Ben spent eight years in management positions within the telecommunications industry and four years as a Business Systems Analyst for a software company supplying the cable industry, before joining PACT. Both positions allowed him to strengthen his business process and management skills and taught him to increase efficiency across organizations.

As Co-designer and past Manager of the PACT LifePlan Coaching Program (2006-2010), Ben was responsible for developing, overseeing and delivering the program; working directly with referred clients and their assigned coaches, parents and the judicial system, as well as PACT Head Coach and Trainer Kate Sharpe.

Please feel free to contact Ben:


J. Paige Lockett, Director of Operations and Fundraising

Paige LockettPaige can be reached at


Rachel Schwab, PR & Social Media

Rachel S

Instructor: PACT Online Entrepreneur

Rachel is a communications and digital marketing consultant, responsible for maintaining the PACT website, all PACT social media channels and media relations.

As the instructor for the PACT Online Entrepreneur digital marketing program, Rachel brings over a decade of experience, teaching youth about branding, marketing and online resources.

Rachel can be reached at

Andrea Black,  Administration and Operations Coordinator

Andrea BAndrea joined PACT team early in 2015 after returning from five years of traveling the globe. Though she was trained as a lab technologist in children’s cancer research, it was her goal to have a closer impact with young people. From the lab, Andrea brings her tremendous organizational skills and attention to detail to PACT, which allow her to manage and maintain the online database.

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Andrea helped develop and facilitate the PACT garden summer camp, and also led a yoga class every morning with the youth.  Trained in India as a yoga teacher, she strongly believes in the practice of yoga to create a positive self-image, a connection to others and the earth and to reduce stress, tension and negativity, which can help to empower our youth.

Andrea aids in operational decisions, helps to problem solve and constantly improves programming.  She assists with fundraising and donor relations, as well as liaises with referral agents and probation officers.

Andrea can be reached at

Taylor Salisbury, Life & Job Skills Coordinator

Taylor S

Instructor: PACTCooking/Summer Garden Camp

Taylor plays a multi-faceted role, from developing program curriculum to providing youth support to recently being assigned the Life & Job Skills Coordinator. As well bringing a teaching ideology that stems from a strength-based perspective, Taylor is committed to promoting safety, inclusion, affirmation and gratitude while helping youth develop their skills and confidence. She received a BSc in Psychology and an Advanced Diploma in Child and Youth Care.

Taylor can be reached at taylor (at)

PACT Program Managers

Irene Stickney, PACTFashion

Irene Stickney Irene Stickney is the head designer, seamstress and project lead of PACTFashion. As the owner of and instructor at The Make Den Sewing Studio in Toronto, she feels  fortunate to be able to help people realize their crafty dreams.  From making a first pencil case to developing a university quality fashion portfolio, Irene feels good knowing that she is helping to make the world a craftier place.

Irene was a founding member of a really awesome arts collective/bicycle gang called The Deadly Nightshades.

Please feel free to contact Irene at 416-705-6925 or info (at)

Paul Davis, PACTFilm

Paul Davis is the Founder and Director of PACTFilm. He brings 20-plus years of working professionally in the Film/TV industry in Canada, Europe and the U.S. He has worked in all aspects of film/video production, including as an actor, director and camera operator, and has been a member of the Directors Guild of Canada and ACTRA. He has taught film and video in Toronto, Edinburgh, Scotland and most recently in New Zealand where he helped establish a PACTFilm program in that country.

In the summer of 2009, Paul was the lead instructor on an eight week shoot that involved youth from around the Lake Simcoe watershed, highlighting lake pollution. Sponsored by the Ladies of the LakeAssociation, and the Ministry of the Environment, 80 youth made short films about the environment and water. He continues to engage youth with the passion and creativity of storytelling through digital video and film.

Please feel free to contact Paul at 416-906-3193 or

Christian Bridges, PACTMusic

Christian Bridges is a multi award-winning songwriter based out of Toronto, Ontario. Due to complex challenges at home, Bridges was made a Crown Ward by The Children’s Aid Society at a very young age. He grew up in a diverse range of foster families across the province up until the age of 18. While attending the Etobicoke School of the Arts, Christian began to discover music & visual arts as a vehicle to bring more positivity and fulfillment into his life. Since then Bridges has taken his music to new levels by playing shows for the benefit of charities, women’s shelters, high schools, yoga studios, the Occupy Toronto Movement. He has also played in concert halls and venues all across Ontario, as well as in the U.S and Japan. Through creative expression, Christian has found a sort of inner freedom that he continues to pursue and strives to perpetuate as a spiritually uplifting artist, activist, and mentor.

Bryden Chernoff, PACTMusic

Bryden Chernoff is a Canadian-based drummer who is passionately working in Toronto. He has studied with some of Toronto’s best drummers, exposing him to genres that implement groove, afro-cuban, samba, jazz and Latin folk. Upon completing his Bachelors of Music, Bryden has been introduced to the world of production management. Bryden is the C.E.O of TaySound, a management company geared towards helping artists with marketing strategies, promotion and production.

In 2014, Bryden became co-founding member of the up-and-coming Latin folk group Tayua. He has had the opportunity to perform all around Ontario, promoting a new generation of folklore music that combines traditional Latin folk music with contemporary music styles. In addition to Tayua, Bryden is also member of Tofu Stravinsky, an indie rock group that has gained popularity across Canada.

PACT Grow-to-Learn Garden Managers

Agata Gidzinski | JPCI Garden

Lianne O’Keefe | Thistletown CI Garden

Kaila Clarke-Mendes | Elmbank PS Garden

PACT LifePlan Coaching

Catalina Chaux

Catalina is an International Coach Federation (ICF) Certified Professional Coach, who has experience working with youth and a passion for supporting processes that involve intercultural communication, time management, family/ corporate values and social responsibility. She has been working as a Life Coach with PACT since 2008 and took over as LifePlan Coaching Program Manager in 2011. In the role of LifePlan Program Manager, Catalina liaises with the judicial system, referred youth, parents/guardians, PACT Coaches and other related youth focused agencies in the coordination of the Program.

Catalina also holds a law degree and has a passion for the legal profession, which is a common denominator throughout her professional career. As a lawyer she has had the opportunity to work in several unique areas such as developing public policies, participating in the modernization and restructuring of institutions, supporting the process of small business development in both Canada and Colombia, applying legal principles to resolve conflict and supporting minority and newcomer populations.

Catalina has 19 years of experience working in the public sector in her home country of Colombia in the agricultural and financial sector and the diplomatic service. This gave her a solid background and an understanding of the development and implementation of public policies and allowed her to foresee the importance of mediation and conflict resolution as basic tools to achieve specific social objectives. She used this background and experiences in the different projects she worked with involving rural areas, farmers, small entrepreneurs, communities, settlement and the inclusion of gender perspective, helping to create peace and harmony in urban communities. She has also undertaken postgraduate studies in Economic law, Economic history and Dispute Resolution and has extensive experience teaching business law and strategic planning.

Her experience as a Colombian diplomat working in Canada provided her with the skills to understand the diverse needs of immigrant and visible minority communities and their continuous struggle to become active and productive members of Canadian society.

Please feel free to contact Catalina:647-205-9376 or

Joe Pampena

Joe Pampena

Joe is a Master Board Certified NLP Coach and Hypnotherapist as well as a certified Adler Trained Coach. He recently took early retirement after 34 years working in a large corporation and chose to pursue his new passion and goals by establishing a successful Coaching Practice helping both individuals and businesses be more successful in what they do. Joe is currently contracted by the PACT Urban Peace Program of Toronto which is a charitable organization that empowers and supports at-risk youth to reach their full potential and fulfill their life plan. In the last three years, Joe has worked all over the GTA and Belleville with many high risk youth offenders referred into the LifePlan Coaching program.

Joe has also helped develop and support the in-house proprietary training process for PACT’s LifePlan program, bringing more structure and consistency around best practices and introducing a number of tools and methods to assist the coaches in their challenging work with youth in repeat conflict with the law. Joe works with his client’s to unlock their own unique strengths and values so that they may set meaningful goals to achieve their own vision of success. Joe’s work explores key self-leadership values such as honesty, integrity and courage. In the past couple of years Joe’s clients have gone on to accomplish goals such as completing their GED (high school equivalency), enrolled in College programs and set SMART future paced goals to continue their growth, learning and successes. Joe has coached many individuals and businesses to achieve their personal or business goals within his own coaching practise. Joe is a certified member of International Coaching Federation, American NLP Board, American Hypnotherapy Board, and Project Management Institute.

MNLP, MTLT, MCHt, ATC, and Hypnosis Instructor

Please feel free to contact Joe: E:  W:

Will Manos

Will Manos

Will received his coaching certification through Adler International Learning Inc. and OISE at the University of Toronto. He has since pursued his passion for supporting and serving youth in achieving their personal goals. He is currently contracted by the PACT Urban Peace Program of Toronto and The John Howard Howard Society of Belleville, Ontario, both award–winning charitable organizations that empower and support at-risk youth to reach their full potential and fulfill their life plan. In the last several years, Will has worked all over Ontario with many high risk youth offenders. Will’s work explores key self-leadership values such as honesty, integrity and courage. Will supports the youth he works with in their own environments with their individual goals and life’s interactions regarding family, friendships, work and community. Over the past several years, many of Will’s youth clients have been honored by the PACT program for their personal transformations and positive contributions within their communities. Will is a certified member of ICF International Toronto.

B.A. Dip., A.T.C

Please feel free to contact Will: 416-873-6337 or

PACT Urban Peace Program Board of Directors

David Lockett, PACT President and co-founder, Canadian Foundation for Prevention of Family Violence
Dan Cornacchia, PACT Treasurer and co-founder, Canadian Foundation for Prevention of Family Violence
Marjorie Agnew, Retailer, Owner Main Course Kitchen Store
John Zanini, Owner, Dunpar Homes

Advisory Board

Roy McMurtry, (Former Chief Justice of Ontario, Former Attorney General of Ontario)
Karen Stintz, Former Toronto City Councillor
Justice Richard Blouin
Glen Purdy, Defense Lawyer
Jake Bouwman, Sgt. RCMP (retired)