Rotary Clubs Supporting PACT

The PACT/ROTARY Connection

PACT has a long and valued connection and partnership with Rotary (see Rotary Urban Peace and History pages for more background). Co-founders David Lockett and Dan Cornacchia both became Rotary charter members in 1987, working with other community leaders to support those living with domestic violence in Toronto and create urban peace.

Rotary_int_logoPACT is the evolution of this commitment to urban peace and service above self, operating with the same core foundation as Rotary taking a social entrepreneurial approach to identify social issues and targeting efforts to maximize impact.

To date, PACT has received funding from over 25 Rotary Clubs across the Greater Toronto Area with many supporting PACT for multiple years and substantial donations. A major percentage of the essential funding required to power the LifePlan Coaching program working with higher risk repeat offender youth comes directly from Rotary Clubs and their members.

Creating positive, lasting change in our community

Rotarians financially support important causes they believe in but they also like to roll up their sleeves and get involved. Over the years, many Rotarians have come out to PACT LifeSkills projects, program graduations, community gardens and other related events to volunteer and connect with some of the at-risk youth they are helping to turn around one step at a time. PACT would never be where it is today without the continued and valued support of all these Rotary Clubs and their members in helping us to create urban peace across the GTA and beyond.

Rotary AmbassadorMeet Liz Bosma-Donovan, the first official PACT/Rotary Ambassador in Belleville and the Bay of Quinte region

Liz Bosma-Donovan is a social worker, community organizer, adult educator, and an active volunteer at the Wellington Rotary Club in Prince Edward County, Ontario. She has over 30 years experience working with marginalized individuals and communities in urban, small town, and rural settings.  She brings an experienced, front-line perspective about the challenges of our existing social welfare system that hinders creative responses to effectively meet the needs of vulnerable children, youth, families, and communities in a preventative way.

Liz is excited to have the opportunity to work with members of the PACT LifePlan Coaching (LPC) team as its’ first PACT/Rotary LPC Ambassador for Quinte and Prince Edward County. She is looking forward to working collaboratively with Rotary members to be part of this innovative model with the focus on establishing a youth mentoring program to build stronger positive community relationships between Rotary and the high risk youth in conflict with the law who are clients in the LPC program.

Liz has a Bachelor of Social Work from the Maritime School of Social Work in Halifax Nova Scotia and a Masters in Arts from the Department of Community Development and Adult Education at OISE, University of Toronto.

She can be reached by email :

Grow-to-Learn Gardens supported by

Rotary Club of Etobicoke
Rotary Club of Parkdale High-Park
Rotary Club of Forest Hill
Rotary Club of East York
Rotary Club of Toronto


Thanks to the generosity of Rotary for their essential, ongoing support of the PACT Schoolyard Gardens – transformational outdoor learning spaces that welcome thousands of students and volunteers who take part in growing over 20,000 lbs of organic produce each season. Read more about the amazing ways the GTL gardens are helping to create urban peace here.

PACT school gardens

Young Women's Trauma Counselling sponsored by Rotary Club of North York

self-transformationIn conjunction with LifePlan Coaching, our cognitive-behavioral therapy or counselling assists in helping break the cycle of poverty and teen pregnancy, encouraging young women to reach their full potential.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is action-oriented, practical and rational. It helps troubled young women learn how to more effectively deal with real-life issues and provides guidance and assists in helping teens learn effective self-help skills.


LifePlan Coaching for Higher Risk, Repeat Offender Youth supported by

Rotary of Mississauga
Rotary of Streetsville
Rotary of Palgrave
Rotary of North Scarborough
Rotary of Agincourt
Rotary of Eglinton
Rotary of Scarborough
Rotaract of Mississauga

Rotary of Willowdale
Rotary of Belleville
Rotary of Campbellford
Rotary of Quinte Sunrise
Rotary of Picton
Rotary of Trenton
Rotary of Wellington

It costs approximately $5000/year to put one high-risk, repeat offended youth through our award-winning LifePlan Coaching program (as opposed to $120,000 for one year of incarceration). We are extremely thankful to Rotary for their continued and valued support in helping to turn around the lives of youth in serious and repeat conflict with the law one step at a time.

PACTBuild supported by Rotary Toronto West

PACTBuild takes many court-referred youth through a six to eight week painting and wall finishing training program that provides real-world experience that can be added to a resume. At the end of the introductory session, students have the opportunity to continue advancing their room building skills or work alongside professional instructors on real jobs in the community.

PACT Online Entrepreneur supported by Rotary of Etobicoke

Thanks to a generous donation from Rotary, we were able to purchase new laptop computers and launch our newest, experiential learning program that teaches youth the fundamentals of digital marketing through the development of an online store.

Youth are introduced and encouraged to participate in small business digital marketing, product branding, website development and social media marketing – modern, practical skills that can be used in many vocations.

What is Rotary?

Rotary International is an international service organization that brings together business and professional leaders in cities all around the world who work together to provide humanitarian services, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations and advance goodwill and peace around the world. At the heart of Rotary is the clubs, that bring together dedicated individuals to exchange ideas, build relationships and take action.