PACTFashion: Student Success!

So many enthusiastic and passionate students have come through the PACTFashion doors – many talented young teens who found a place to make new friends, learn new skills and most importantly, gain a new found confidence! As with all PACT Life & Job Skills programs, PACTFashion students are encouraged to not only complete the introductory session where they learn to sew and complete a project, but to stay connected to the program by taking part in advanced classes, getting involved in fashion-oriented initiatives and even take part in our Advanced Business Incubator course where youth learn to build their own fashion businesses or get support applying to post secondary fashion programs.

We are so pleased to announce that several of our advanced PACTFashion students are moving forward in their fashion careers! A true testament to the power of PACT and the importance of provide safe, positive learning environments for youth to explore vocational opportunities and build their resumes in practical, real world environments.

Where are they Now?!
PACTFashion Student Success


Benat Omar has been a PACTFashion student for nearly two years now.  She came to the program with very little knowledge of sewing and design, and is now planning on attending Ryerson’s Fashion Design program next year! As well, with the guidance of PACTFashion project lead Irene Stickney, Benat has been working in the industry. She spent last summer helping to work on movie costumes at the summer sewing camp.  She worked hard on her costume, during a heat wave every day for a month straight. On top of that, camp was happening during Ramadan so she was fasting all day – she couldn’t even drink water!

Fast forward to this summer – Irene found out that her friend Adam at Leather and Sewing supply depot on Queen St. W was looking for summer help so she convinced him to give Benat a shot at the job!

Now Benat is helping designers from all over the city with their leather, fabric and hardware selections. She loves meeting all kinds of different creative people at her new job, and she’s working six days a week to save for university!

Congrats, Benat!

Naf Swimwear

Naf Pinas, a lover of fashion, was referred to one of the first PACTFashion courses by a high school teacher and stayed connected to the program all the way to college! With the help of her mentor, PACTFashion lead Irene Stickney, Naf eventually made it to George Brown College where she continued her studies in the Fashion Design program. Now, she is working on her own swimwear line – NAF Swimwear – a beautiful collection of 80s inspired, signature looks.

Congrats, Naf!


Paulo Boni Beia has been with PACTFashion for several years, religiously attending the Advanced program every Friday night, relentlessly working on his vision. With the help of Irene, Paulo recently launched his own product line and is working on building up his collection to sell online.

We wish Paulo the best – congrats, Paulo!

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