Garden camp

Lifelong Lessons Learned in PACTs First Garden Camp for Teens

by Taylor Salisbury

PACTs first annual garden summer camp wrapped up with tremendous success! Youth gardeners spent eight weeks harvesting veggies, cooking healthy and delicious lunches, participating in curriculum-based garden workshops and working on creative projects together in the David Wilson Memorial Garden at John Polanyi CI.

For our final workshop at garden camp, we learned some basic photography skills and took some amazing and creative photos together in the garden, shown here!

gardencamp6 gardencamp5 gardencamp2

Our campers learned a lot about urban farming over the summer and had a lot of fun in the process. Here are some of our campers’ highlights from the summer:

“When I first started the program I was super nervous that we would mostly be harvesting and getting dirty every day. As we progressed, my worries were eased as we focused less on getting dirty and instead more on creating delicious and culturally diverse meals for ourselves and our fellow staff and volunteers. It was an amazing experience, feeding off the bees, chopping vegetables, and tasting our delicious creations every day. ” – Mel

“I don’t mean to be cheesy, but my favourite lunch was the mac and cheese!” – Ebraheim

“I really enjoyed spending time in the garden. Cooking all types of different foods was the highlight of the summer. My favourite foods to make were the naan bread pizzas and greek salad. My favourite activity over the summer was photography in the garden and discovering new insects while taking pictures.” – Tina

“I learned how to make gimp bracelets and became the official camp gimp master.” – Noah

You can see a lot more photos of our first Garden Camp for Teens on our Facebook page here!

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