Fade Away: PACTFilm and PACTMusic collaborate on second youth music video

by Ben Marshall
A good-sized crowd braved the extreme cold in early January to come out to the PACT studio in South Etobicoke to both be entertained by youth in the music program who performed covers and mashups ranging from Johnny Cash to Green Day, and to celebrate the world premiere screening of the music video for Fade Away, an original pop ballad, written and performed by up and coming artist Yung Juaz (aka Karl Alberto).
The first thing you notice when you meet Karl is his passion and drive in just about everything he does. This is especially true when it comes to his music and also as it turns out, attending the PACT programs.
Karl, you see, has been diligently attending both PACTFilm and PACTMusic for over four years, developing and honing his skills, learning from the talented instructors, making short films, performing live and making the most of all the experiences. This has resulted in his getting better and more confident as a musician with the overall support he has received from PACT.

Karl works with PACTFilm instructor Ryan to learn how to edit the music video

PACTFilm students learning digital storyboarding

Learning how to digitally edit in the PACTFilm program

And now, all Karl’s hard work and commitment (The ‘C” in PACT) has paid off in the form of this amazing music video for his catchy, uptempo love song with a twist, Fade Away. As well as writing the song, he also wrote and directed the video!
Fade Away is the most recent collaborative project that brought together the youth and instructors of the PACTFilm and PACTMusic programs. Of course this is all made possible by our valued funders. This video is another shining and inspiring example of what can be achieved when our youth are given a safe and nurturing environment and platform to express themselves and share their creativity and passion with the world.
As Karl sets his sights on a career in the music industry, he says that after all this time, PACT has become more like a family to him; a place that makes him feel accepted, loved and encouraged. A place where anything is possible.
If the positive response from the crowd at the video release party is any indication, Karl is on his way to making his dreams a reality.

We invite you to watch Fade Away on the PACTMusic YouTube channel here:

 We hope you enjoy it and please share widely!

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