LifePlan Coaching: The Simple Case for Investment

The annual cost of overall crime in Canada: $29 Billion

The cost of federal corrections (only) in Canada in 2011: $2.9 Billion

The average annual cost of keeping just one inmate in a federal prison: $120,000

The lifetime cost of one habitual criminal: $2 Million (or more)

Number of habitual young offenders in Metro Toronto: 700

Lifetime costs to the system/victims of these 700 youth: $1.4 Billion

Without an effective intervention such as that offered by PACT’s LifePlan Coaching (LPC) Program, that works to break the cycle of recidivism in these troubled youth, most of them are destined to become adult habitual criminals.

Current success ratio of the PACT LPC Program: 65%

Total Cost of delivering the LPC Program to one young offender: $5000 ($3,600 for the Life Coach and $1,400 covers the related support costs per youth)

PACT’s five year goal is to deliver this program to 250 youth transforming the lives of 163 youth and saving the system and society: $326 million over their lifetimes.

Total cost to deliver the LPC program to 250 youth: $1.25 million (a net savings of $248.75 million)
And remember, the costs to the system and society of just one of these habitual young offenders over their lifetime is at least $2 million!!!

(Please Note: most figures above are approximate but also quite conservative (our success ratio and the cost of our coaching program are not). If you would like more information and links to source data, this can be provided upon request)


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