LifePlan Coaching Program


Transformational & powerful: LifePlan Coaching for at-risk youth and those already in serious and repeat conflict with the law

PACT LifePlan Coaching is an award-winning, intensive and powerful program specifically geared to youth in conflict with the law who are at risk of becoming career criminals. The program gives youth the structure they need to focus on life improvement and the support network to keep them away from crime and past risk factors. The goal is to turn them into productive and law-abiding citizens.


How It Works

Youth that are either on the brink of incarceration or are nearing release from custody are referred to PACT from youth courts, specifically judges and probation officers. These youth require an intensive intervention and an individualized, structured plan to help them to help themselves turn their lives around one step at a time.

All participants are matched up with a professionally-trained and certified personal coach who works with them one-on-one and on a weekly basis for up to one and a half years to build trust and capacity, address identified needs and work towards accomplishing set goals in five key areas of their life: Education/Training, Employment/Career, Health, Relationships & Wellness, Community Contribution and Connection and Justice System Disengagement.

Youth in the LifePlan Program are also encouraged to attend PACT Life & Job Skills projects. These projects can provide clients with valuable real world experience for their resumes, allow them to complete required community service hours for court, pursue creative endeavors and hobbies, help them to build their self-esteem and confidence, or just keep them busy, productive and connected to the community and other young people.


About Life Coaching

Coaching is not counselling or therapy – it’s a specific conversational process about facilitating change from the client’s current state to their desired state. The coaching process fosters self- directed learning and is grounded in self-assessment and recognition of personal values and strengths.

Coaching is geared toward building capacity and empowering youth to create personalized plans and positive paths forward. Moreover, it is designed to give youth the confidence and tools to put their own plans into action and the support, structure and acknowledgement to help realize a positive vision for their lives.


Youth most suitable for PACT LifePlan Coaching

  • desire a change in their lives
  • can engage and establish a relationship of trust with their coach, show up to meetings and take the small steps required to achieve positive change
  • can identify values and strengths
  • can identify and articulate a positive vision for their future, are in the process of completing high school and/or exploring other educational pursuits and have an idea of what they may want as an occupation or career Potential candidates should be:
  • ages 12-19 years old, charged under the Youth Criminal Justice Act
  • have been in repeat contact with the law or have a medium to high-risk of reoffending
  • on the brink of incarceration or nearing release
  • on probation or other judicial order for one year or more
  • If applicable, be actively addressing primary concerns such as shelter, mental health or substance abuse issues


PACT has developed an upfront, comprehensive assessment and intake process that helps to identify the youth who have a minimum level of stability, are most ready for coaching (and change), can articulate goals and thus have the best opportunity for success in the program. Referrals that come as part of an official judicial order from the Court help provide the leverage required to motivate the youth to participate early on as well as keep them on track for the time that they are in the program.

*PACT will look at every potential candidate on a case by case basis to determine any restrictive conditions on probation orders that may prevent full participation in the program.


Information & Referrals

For more information about LifePlan Coaching or to make a referral, please contact Catalina Chaux at 647-205-9376 or


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