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From kitchen scraps to organic food: how PACT is providing fresh food in three Toronto low-income neighbourhoods

Compost ExchangeThe PACT Grow-to-Learn School Gardens are essential teaching environments, community hubs and affordable fresh food sources in three Greater Toronto Area priority neighbourhoods (Lawrence Heights, Kipling Heights, Rexdale). Our largest garden at John Polanyi (JPCI) is a 1.5 acre, organic urban farm! It welcomes schools, volunteers, community groups and local families to get involved and benefit from the natural wonders it provides.

The newly improved and expanded Community Compost Exchange Program at JPCI is an amazing initiative that will  allow even more low-income families to trade in kitchen waste for fresh, organic produce that is grown in the garden. The scraps are turned into nutrient-rich compost, thus diverting thousands of pounds of waste from landfills and at the same time, making our gardens even more sustainable. It’s a reliable incentive for the community that is rewarding, educational and sustaining; a definite win-win situation for all!

Weekly Garden Markets & Community Dinner: How it works

Thanks to new funding from Home Depot, the Echo Foundation and Whole Foods Whole Kids – the Community Compost Exchange program is growing in 2017 to include weekly markets and community, field-to-table dinners. All local families that take part can bring home a PACT GTL compost bin to collect kitchen scraps. When brought back to the garden, this can be exchanged for ‘Market Dollars’ and then redeemed at our Garden Markets.


What to Bring

Vegetable scraps & peels
Corn cobs
Fruit peels
Rotten fruit
Coffee grounds

Do Not Bring :

Meat or fish
Cooked food
Bread, rice or pasta
Dairy or nut products


Dates & Address

The JPCI Community Compost Exchange Markets take place every Tuesday 3pm-6pm starting the last Tuesday in May until second Tuesday in October.

PACT David Wilson Memorial Garden at John Polanyi CI: 640 Lawrence Ave West at Allen Road


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