Make Clothes Not War: Irene Stickney in PRODUCT Magazine

This comes a little “fashionably” late, but definitely worth a repost. In her PRODUCT Magazine article, Isabelle Savard writes,

“I think I met an angel. In her eyes, you can see all of the passion, beauty, and wisdom that Irene Stickney has to offer. She is the founder of an amazing sewing school called The Make Den. A year ago, the school moved to a unique location with a great 1950s vibe, on Bloor Street West. It is there that creativity and discovery are at their best.”

She is talking of course about our own Irene Stickney, owner of The Make Den and PACTFashion program manager.

“Stickney’s first client was PACT (Participation, Acknowledgement, Commitment, Transformation), a charity that works to support and empower underprivileged and at risk youth. Irene claims it was “good luck” that she found out about PACT, just when the founder, David Lockett, was looking for someone to partner with them to create a fashion program. David caught wind of Irene while she was teaching at 69 Vintage. Once hired, she taught them how to sew, how to explore their creative side, and most importantly, how to present a skill set in which they could be confident. Her ability to talk about her passion and engage with youth is simply noteworthy. By dedicating a lot of her time to working with the youth of this program, she has sent them on a journey to achieving their goals and perfecting their projects, both on a physical and a mental level. It isn’t often that we are given second chances and new opportunities, but Irene has provided this group with an abundance of encouragement to make for a brighter future. “Creative people are more creative when they are around more creative people,” says Irene.

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