PACTFilm offers creative instruction in all facets of film production by experienced film professionals to at-risk and inner-city youth. Working under the premise of providing positive creative programs to create urban peace, the film school allows youth to experience a sense of accomplishment through developing, shooting, and editing their own short film projects. As with all PACT Life & Job Skills Projects, youth that participate in the introductory workshops are encouraged to stay connected to the program through mentoring peers and participating in advanced workshops.

180 Shaw Street, Lowest Level (East of Ossington, North of Queen) (MAP).


PACTFilm Projects

Introductory Film Program

PACTFilm is currently transitioning!

In this new and improved PACTFilm program for beginner film makers, students learn how to produce a video about community issues with positive suggestions. Throughout the 8-week workshop, students learn how to write a screenplay, light, shoot, direct, and edit it – using broadcast-level digital video and editing equipment.

  • Each eight week PACTFilm session will now run twice per week to support additional hours of technical hands-on film making instruction and to allow participants to build more momentum and spend more time working together and individually, in each stage of the overall film making process.
  • Youth participants will now be organized into smaller groups of three with each crew writing and shooting a film with their own dedicated camera and equipment.
  • The program will now have two experienced instructors to deliver the expanded curriculum providing more technical and individual training and to supervise multiple groups of three working on different films simultaneously.
  • New funding will allow for current professional film making equipment and editing software supporting more at-risk and underserved youth making more films each session.
  • Every student will have access to their own laptop and will take creative ownership by editing a unique version of the film that they have written and shot as part of the larger film crew of three.
  • The introduction of online tools such as Google Classroom will allow participants to share creative ideas and related program documents, also allowing the instructors to monitor their progress and provide targeted additional training and direction where required.
  • New curriculum provides additional level of structure with clearly defined learning goals and success criteria for each class but also flexibility to allow groups and individuals to work and learn at their own pace and learning styles.
  • Every youth that completes the program will have produced and edited their own film and obtained a whole range of transferable skills that can be applied to other areas of their life including researching, writing, planning and overall computer proficiency.

Completed short film projects are aired in schools, on the web, at PACT events and have been shown on television. Graduating students are presented with a PACTFilm School Diploma, which can be used toward extra high school credit or to signify the completion of court-ordered community service hours.

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Advanced Film Program
Youth who graduate from the introductory film program are encouraged to stay connected and participate in the advanced program where they are given the opportunity to create videos for the community, receive guidance and support when applying to post-secondary education and build confidence through mentoring newcomer peers. By taking leadership roles in storytelling and video production, these students provide positive and encouraging feedback to new students, which in-turn builds their own feelings of self-worth in the community.

The most motivated youth take part in the PACTFilm production program, creating and filming short films for charities and community organizations. Past clients include:

  • Second Harvest/St. Stephens – provided a CTV ‘My Toronto is..” segment
    Crimestoppers/222-TIPS – produced a YouTube video for the T-shirt contest.
    CampKirk– a fund raising documentary on a day in the life of kids with Attention Deficit Disorders and Learning Disabilities.
    Youth Without Shelter
    Children’s Peace Theatre
    Girls Media Project
    TTC Suicide Prevention


PACTFilm New Zealand

PACTFilm Director, Paul Davis spent almost a month in New Zealand back in 2010 teaching the program to troubled Maori youth and making a first group of public service announcements. Read about PACTFilm in New Zealand here.



Paul DavisPaul Davis, Program Director

Paul Davis is the founder and director of PACTFilm. He brings 20-plus years of working professionally in the Film/TV industry in Canada, Europe and the U.S. He has worked in all aspects of film/video production, including as an actor, director and camera operator, and has been a member of the Directors Guild of Canada and ACTRA. He has taught film and video in Toronto, Edinburgh, Scotland and most recently in New Zealand where he helped establish a PACTFilm program in that country.

In the summer of 2009, Paul was the lead instructor on an eight week shoot that involved youth from around the Lake Simcoe watershed, highlighting lake pollution. Sponsored by the Ladies of the Lake Association, and the Ministry of the Environment, 80 youth made short films about the environment and water. He continues to engage youth with the passion and creativity of storytelling through digital video and film.

Please feel free to contact Paul at 416-906-3193 or



PACTFilm Partners & Sponsors

National Film Board Canada – Promotes and streams PACT films on the NFB website

YoungCuts Film Festival – allows PACT film submissions to its festival at no-cost.

Production Services, Toronto – provides on-site tours to graduated advanced students.



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