Learn how to sell your services or products on the Internet

PACT Online Entrepreneur – Intro to Selling & Marketing Online

In this eight-week program, youth will learn about the fundamentals of small business digital marketing including product or service branding, website development, web photography and social media marketing.


Youth ages 13-21 learn about web store development, free online editing tools and social media marketing

Week 1: What is your service or product you are selling? Learn about brand development strategy including target markets, pricing, key messaging, etc…

Week 2: Website platforms, tools and content. A look at paid and free online tools to grow your business. Students will create a mock-up of their own web store

Learning product photography in PACT Online Entrepreneur

Learning product photography in PACT Online Entrepreneur

Week 3: Photography & online photo editing

Week 4: Website development. Students work on their own projects

Week 5: Digital marketing & social media. *Speaker

Week 6: Website content and photo edits

Week 7&8: Digital marketing & social media – How to promote your business

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All classes are held at our downtown location at Artscape Youngplace, 180 Shaw Street in the lower level Sketch program area (MAP).


Rachel Schwab is a communications and digital marketing consultant. Having worked as the PACT Urban Peace Program’s social media and PR/marketing manager since 2014, Rachel is enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge and empowering youth with modern, marketable skills for the future.


For more information about PACT Online Entrepreneur or to register, please contact Ben Marshall at 416-656-8824 or