School of Social Change

From the beginning, PACT’s mandate and vision has been to build an integrated program that breaks the cycles of violence and criminal behaviour and brings out the positive potential of troubled youth. The original goal was  to exponentially effect millions over generations by breaking the cycle of violence and creating an intergenerational cycle-of-peace.
We are in the process of creating the PACT International School of Social Change. It will act as a teaching and training centre focused on research, modeling, best practices and continuous-improvement. Based on a social franchise model, the plan is to offer and teach the PACT process to people and communities all over Canada and eventually around the world. In fact with the launch and expansion of PACTFilm in New Zealand in 2010, this plan has already been put into action.
PACT will attract community leaders from around the world so that they can model the program and bring it to their own communities. The PACT School of Social Change will have a series of training/educational pavilions located in areas across Toronto where people can learn the operational components of PACT’s unique, cost effective, powerful and successful process.

PACT Coaching & Training Centre will provide specialized training for already certified coaches to work with at-risk youth in the PACT LifePlan Coaching Program as well as comprehensive training for national and international social franchisees of PACT’s unique and powerful coaching process.

PACT Environmental Pavilion will include an off-the-grid farm and several greenhouses as well as tree nurseries for our reforestation programs and our cooking school.

PACT Arts and Culinary Pavilion will include a small theatre, teaching kitchen, music, film, and fashion studios.

PACT Trades/Build Pavilion will include area for building greenhouses and other projects, thereby exposing youth to multiple trades through involvement and completion tasks.

PACT Discovery Camp is an outward bound urban experience that will build physical and emotional strength in youth combined with a new sense of unlimited possibility.

These pavilions will work in harmony with PACT’s exisitng projects and programs across the GTA to create a living classroom experience.