Rotary Urban Peace

Rotary founder Paul Harris was compelled by the contradictions inherent in his own city, Chicago circa 1905. Great economic and family prospects were offset by areas of brutality, crime and poverty.

Rotarians around the world can stem the ugly tide of violence in our major cities much like they were succeeding in eradicating Polio. Rotary clubs can best influence global peace by tackling these issues at the local level through supporting and designing programs that help keep young people out of the cycle of violence as either the victims or perpetrators of such acts.

PACT is an award-winning, integrated program inspired by the Urban Peace Initiative that utilizes some of the most effective strategies and best people possible to create positive social change.

This is an incredible opportunity for Rotary to create a stronger local identity through
the delivery of local programs which create tremendous change in their own communities.

PACT’s School of Social Change is the instrument to teach the PACT Social Franchise to the world. The school will allow Rotary to leverage its global power with the same strength and effectiveness of the Polio Plus campaign. Moreover, this is a way for Rotary to leave its mark and teach its values by building Urban Peace around the world.

We are advocating that PACT become a Rotary program with the same force of “service above self” that helped define Polio Plus. Then Rotary and PACT can partner to lead the Urban Peace Initiative in the GTA, across the country and around the world.

Best Personal Regards,

David Lockett and Dan Cornacchia,
PACT Program Co-Founders