Richard Siebert, PACTBuild

Rich Seibert, PACTBuild

Rich Siebert currently leads the PACTBuild woodworking and construction project as head instructor. His interest in fine woodworking was inspired by his grandfather who was a talented wood carver and aviation artist. Rich spent several years working in the building restoration and renovation business where he developed a diverse skill set including framing, flooring, drywalling, trim carpentry and just about everything involved in finishing the interior of a house.

With a desire to learn more about how structures are designed and built, Rich spent time studying Architectural Technology at Humber College, and Civil Engineering at both Ryerson University and the University of Toronto. This gave him a very strong base in building science, engineering design principles, and systems thinking, which he uses regularly in his professional career. Rich currently works for a high end interior finishing company, and works in some of the most beautiful homes in Toronto.

Rich discovered PACT by volunteering at Sir Sandford Fleming’s “Grow to Learn” garden. It was there that he met PACT co-founder David Lockett who wanted to buy a shed and assemble it. Rich said he could build it just as easily from scratch, came up with a quick computer sketch and got building within a month. He spent the next two summers helping organize and run the Grow to Learn program.

Hands-On Learning

“Many students who have trouble staying focused in class – myself included – are tactile learners,” says Siebert. “They are missing out if their schools don’t offer hands-on, experiential learning. PACTBuild offers youth an opportunity to learn by doing, and to realize that they have real talent that can help them on the road to a rewarding career in the skilled trades. To give kids such an opportunity, and simply for the love of building things, this is why I do what I do”.

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