Social Entrepreneurs

Social Entrepreneurs are volunteers who use the business acumen and networks that has made them successful to support the most effective solutions for social problems. They recognize their power to control how their donations are spent, and generally support charities that effectively meet the needs of society.

PACT encourages social entrepreneurs to:

  • Use their business experience and specialized knowledge to advise and support the program on an operational level;
  • Become involved with fundraising and advocate PACT to their personal and business networks;
  • Help to raise funds by matching donations from their networks;
  • Become valued members of PACT’s team, gratefully acknowledged in newsletters, the media and on the web site;
  • Are welcome to utilize support from PACT’s marketing, communications and fundraising teams when preparing press materials, newsletters, or anything that highlights their involvement, and help spread the message.

If you would like to explore becoming a PACT Social Entrepreneur, please contact PACT Co-founder David Lockett to discuss at 416 256-0726 or