The PACT Urban Peace Program
~ Participation, Acknowledgement, Commitment, and Transformation ~
builds peace and hope in our urban and rural communities

We do this by helping youth reach their full potential in life through strategic partnerships with the police, courts, probation, schools and other youth-focused agencies and community partners

The PACT Urban Peace Program is an award-winning, outcome-driven and cost conscious registered Canadian charity dedicated to working with, supporting and empowering underserved, marginalized and at-risk young people, as well as youth already in conflict with the law. PACT has a grassroots beginning and a social entrepreneurial approach. To that end, PACT believes it is the community’s responsibility to provide the best programs at the earliest stages to create and maintain peaceful and safe environments.

PACT is almost entirely privately funded through generous businesses, foundations, service clubs and individuals.


What We Do

PACT empowers and supports at-risk youth and provides step-by-step action plans to positive change through the following key program areas:

Youth that attend most PACT programming can complete community service orders (CSO)  for court and/or required volunteer hours for high school graduation. Just as important, they stay active and busy, gain self esteem and valuable experience for their resumes in a team building environment, while also positively connecting to and giving back in meaningful ways to their communities.


Our Team

PACT is a decentralized, social-based organization run with committed and passionate project leaders and instructors who are often experts in the community. Typically, the project leaders are industry professionals actively working or studying in the given skill area. PACT is made possible through the leadership and support of many volunteers, social entrepreneurs and social innovators.

For a list of our Board of Director and advisors, go here.
For a list of staff, please see Our Team page here.


Support PACT

All PACT programs, including school garden field trips and summer camp, are provided free–of-charge to vulnerable, marginalized and at-risk youth ages 13-21.
PACT does not receive government funding, but instead relies on the financial assistance from businesses, foundations, service clubs such as Rotary and individuals.

Please consider making a donation through Canada Helps or contact David Lockett at 416-256-0726 or


Thank You to All Current Financial Sponsors including: