Community Partners, Friends & Links

PACT believes it takes a village to raise a child and understands that we cannot be experts at everything. We know what we do well in support of at-risk youth but we also know when we need to connect them to third party community supports and agencies that specialize in areas outside of PACT’s core competencies. This would include such things as housing, Literacy/GED preparation (e.g. Frontier College), substance abuse or anger management counselling (e.g. CAMH and CTYS) as well as pre-employment preparation and job counselling (e.g. JVS and YES).

PACT has spent many years developing important strategic partnerships with like minded organizations that work with and support at-risk youth. These partnerships work both ways as PACT makes referrals on behalf of Youth to these third party organizations as required and they in turn refer youth into our  LifeSkills Community Service Projects as well as sometimes identifying potential candidates for our more intensive LifePlan Coaching Program designed for youth in repeat conflict with the law.

PACTs valued community partners, friends and other related and important resources:






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