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Justice Rick Blouin

rblouinJustice Rick Blouin has been involved with PACT since 2000, providing valuable support and guidance through its critical years of development and taking a trailblazing stance in diverting troubled youth from incarceration to rehabilitation. The success of the PACT’s award-winning Life Coaching program for high-risk, repeat young offenders wouldn’t be possible without Justice Blouin.

Habitual Young Offenders Caught in the “Revolving Door” System

In the year 2000, following five years of research, PACT co-founder David Lockett approached then superintendent of police, Bill Blair, with an idea for an innovative rehabilitation program for troubled youth. Encouraged by the idea, Bill Blair referred Rick Blouin to the concept. He was then the assistant crown attorney in charge of the Scarborough youth court, one of the busiest youth courts in Canada.

At the time, Rick saw 60 revolving door, habitual young offenders continually caught in the cycle of being put in youth detention, making progress, being released (usually back into the negative environment that caused the problems) and then quickly re-offending. These 60 youth were responsible for a highly disproportionate portion of the 1700 charges, some with multiple page criminal records. Rick realized that without an effective program to break the cycle, they would soon be caught in the adult criminal justice system for life each, inflicting both massive pain and financial costs to society.

A Vision to Break the Cycle of Crime, One Youth at a Time

Rick Blouin’s innate understanding of the case profiles of the 1700 charges that were processed through the youth courts each year led to his vision to create a highly targeted re-intergration program for high-risk young offenders that are either on the brink of closed custody or reintegrating out of closed custody. His vision led to the creation of Pact’s award-winning LifePlan Coaching Program.

Rick was soon appointed to the bench as a judge in the Ontario criminal court in Newmarket, ON. It was only fitting that as a judge he referred the first youth into the coaching program. The youth’s name was Les Magyar and at the time, Readers Digest wrote a national feature article that followed Les’ positive transformation over a year that millions of Canadians read. Rick attended Les’ graduation ceremony a year after he referred the troubled youth into the program.

As we look back 15 years later, we recognize that it was Rick Blouin’s insight and confidence that allowed PACT to be the remarkable program it is today.

Susan Levesque

s_levesqueSusan Levesque is a Vice President and Investment Advisor at the National Bank Financial Wealth Management and is one of its most successful investment advisors. She has achieved Presidents Club status and awards of excellence on multiple occasions which is a refection of of the dedication & professionalism she provides to her clients.

Susan is an incredible role model for young women. Not only because of her professional success, but even more for the social stance she takes for the organizations she believes in. Susan’s efforts, guided by her passion and proactivity, make a major difference in the charities she supports.

As an Ambassador and advocate for PACT, guided by her incredible kindness and her passion, she has single handily raised over $1 million from the community to support PACT programming. This is monumental accomplishment for a small charity.

We at PACT are eternally grateful for the ongoing support and guidance of Susan Levesque over the last decade. PACT has made tremendous progress and none of this would have happened without Susan’s support.

Clayton Elliott

Clay ElliotClayton Elliott has been a part of the PACT family since 2010. During that time he has worn many hats such as fundraiser, volunteer, life coach, speaker and program development consultant.

As a coach, he’s worked directly with youth clients in the field. And unlike most, he understands their challenges intimately from his own experience growing up an at-risk youth in Toronto. He started using and abusing drugs and alcohol at 10 years old, and was addicted shortly after. This led to a life of crime, violence and recidivism during what he calls his “dark ages” that spanned from about 10-24 years old.

After a life-changing experience in 2008, Clayton got brutally honest with himself and started re-evaluating his choices, values, priorities and lifestyle. Unsatisfied with the bleak future he envisioned, he committed to doing the hard personal development work to shift his trajectory. Since then, he’s made a 180-degree turnaround in all areas of his life and is living proof that with the right guidance, support and commitment, youth who are lost can find their way again.

Today, Clay is an advocate for restorative justice and PACT’s model for social change. He is also a life and business coach and the author of the forthcoming book, Infinite Courage. You can learn more about his work at

Clay Elliot - 100Guys

Sgt. Jake Bouwman and Glen Purdy

Back in 1995, David Lockett and Dan Cornacchia launched the Redwood Shelter for abused women and children in Toronto. The men were deciding what to do next with their time and energies. They decided to raise money and awareness to create programs that eliminate violence at the causal level and create massive social change. The resulting charity was called The Canadian Foundation for The Prevention of Family Violence. Its mandate – to leverage the corporate community to fund programs that reduce violence in our homes and our communities. The two men had a mission and were looking for world-class programs to model.

Lockett came across a four-page story about two men making a significant difference in their small community in British Columbia.

Addressing a House of Commons Standing Committee on justice and legal affairs in 1996, Jake Bouwman said the following: “I guess our program is unique in the sense that it’s probably the first program in Canada that has a defence lawyer and a policeman in total agreement on how a system should work. I think it bodes well for the community of Sparwood and any other community, because people can work together if they would just try.”

Sgt. Bouwman was referring to a youth justice program in Sparwood BC, a tiny community of 5,000 people in the Rocky Mountains. The Sparwood Youth Assistance Program began officially in January of 1995 as a community initiative run by Sergeant Bouwman of the Sparwood Detachment of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Glen Purdy, a Sparwood lawyer in private practice.

Two individuals on opposite sides of the criminal justice system had come together to address the essential problems of the youth court system and in doing so, became visionaries for all of Canada.

Jake and Glen were fed up with a system that they saw as costly and ineffective, had a high reoffence rate for youth and excluded one very important player – the victim of any offence. They created their groundbreaking program based upon the Community Accountability Conferencing Model developed in Waga Waga, New South Wales, Australia, and influenced by Shame Reintegration Theory by John Braithwaite.

After reading the story on Jake and Glen, David called them and asked if they could meet and potentially model their program in the Toronto Youth Courts. Over the next 4 years, Glen and Jake flew to Toronto many times to help mentor, train and set up what would become The PACT Youth Crime Reduction Program in the Toronto Youth Courts.

Between themselves and their unconditional drive to make a positive change, Jake and Glen took a justice system that was an adversarial process focused on guilt, innocence and conviction and turned it into one that focused on community sentence, changing behaviour at the causal level and healing the victims of crime.

Glen Purdy remains a key advisor and a part of the PACT team. He is on the PACT Board of advisors.

PACT has named a service award after Jake and Glen called The Glen Purdy and Jake Bouwman Award.

La-toya Fagon

Latoya aboutHaving worked with the PACT program for several years, PACTCooking Director and Chef La-toya thrives on teaching youth life skills through hands-on, accessible cooking classes and more.

Chef La-toya brings many years of related experience to her role with PACT. In 2002 she attended George Brown’s Chef School and continued to train at a number of top restaurants and hotels throughout Toronto, Europe and Mexico. La-toya tapped into her entrepreneurial spirit and Twist Catering was born. Twist catering is a full service event planning and catering company doing events as small as an intimate dinner for 2 to corporate team building or private dinners and parties for hundreds, just to name a few.

Chef La-toya plans to bring her entrepreneurial spirit to the table as the PACTCooking program continues to evolve and expand, providing motivated youth with real world experiences as they pursue careers and post secondary education in the culinary arts.

Above all, La-toya will continue to engage and empower the youth through her passion for all things food.

Kate Sharpe

Kate Sharpe is head coach and program co-designer for the PACT LifePlan Coaching Program. Kate works with a dozen coaches and is in charge of the coaching strategy for all PACT coaches and youth.

The LifePlan Coaching Program works with the court system, as an adjunct to probation, with youth in serious conflict with the law who are either on the brink of incarceration or are nearing release from custody and who require an intensive intervention and/or a customized reintegration plan.

Kate’s coaching strategy is geared toward building capacity and empowering youth to create personalized plans and positive paths forward. Moreover, it is designed to give youth the confidence and vision to put their plans into action and the support and structure to help realize this vision.

As a Certified Professional Coach, Kate Sharpe focuses her coaching on leadership and performance coaching. Kate’s energy and expertise as an award winning educator, researcher and educational programming consultant all contribute to her approach to coaching.

Kate’s has worked with clients that include The Ontario Principals’ Council (OPC), The Catholic Principals’ Council of Ontario (CPCO), Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario (E.T.F.O.), Toronto District School Board, Thames Valley District School Board, Canadian Association of Independent Schools and PACT.

Most recently, Kate and Jeanie Nishimura, M.Ed., PCC were invited by The Ontario Principals’ Council in conjunction with the Ministry of Education and seven designated school boards from across Ontario, to design and facilitate a four-part customized MentorCoach Training for Educators Program.

As an educator, Kate taught with the Toronto District School Board for twelve years and received an award from the Canadian Association for Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (CAPHERD) for her leadership. Kate served for four years as a member of the Curriculum Advisory Council for the province of Ontario, in conjunction with the Ontario Physical and Health Education Association (OPHEA) and was a member of the National Advisory Committee for the Acitv8 program.

Kate has a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and French for the University of Western Ontario and a Master’s Degree in Education from York University.

M.Ed., Certified Professional Coach, A.C.P.C.

Please feel free to contact Kate: 416-463-2023 or